H Shape Magnetic Shutter Profile

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H Shape Magnetic Shutter Profile is a magnetic side rail for forming concrete in the precast wall panel production, with the combination of couples of integrated push/pull button magnetic systems and a welded steel channel, instead of normal separating box magnets and precast side mould connection.

  • Type No.: H Shape Magnetic Shutter Profile
  • Material: Switchable Button Magnets, Metal Channel
  • Coating: Nature or Painting
  • Length: Max. 4m length
  • Retaining Forces (kg): As requested, ranging from 800kg to 2100kg per magnet
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    H Shape Magnetic Shutter Profile, mainly produced with solidering weld and couples of integrated push button magnetic systems. It’s a series of magnetic shuttering systems for systematic production of clapping, sandwich wall, solid walls and slabs. In the traditional magnetic applications of precasting, it used to produce switchable shuttering box magnet and precast steel side mold separately. On the precasting site, the operators locate the shuttering profile at first step, and then attach the magnet into the formwork manually, with adaptors or welding process. It wastes labor capacity and the assembling time.

    After taking those overal magnetic shuttering solution, it could sharply reduce the formwork installation process and increase the productive efficiency. Meanwhile, it could be operated by manual or robot handling in optional.  Compared to normal connection of side form and magnetic box, the magnetic formwork system could maximize the production space of steel platform, with benifits of occupying minimized installation area. Aparting from those features, we also are capable of producing various shapes and dimensions magnetic profiles, according to your special requirement for the precast elements, to form the concrete components at one time, like chamfers, groove and other forms.

    Product Features

    1. The magnetic shutter system can be operated by manual or robot handling

    2. Easy operation with high productive efficiency

    3. Reusable, to reduce disposable plywood forms.

    4. The solidering weld is strong, durable and easy to clean

    4. Varities of shapes, length, width and height for optional precast element requirements








    Standard Dimensions

    ITEM NO. L W H Adhesive Force
    mm mm mm kg
    H1000 1000 130 100 2 x 1800kg
    H2000 2000 130 100 2 x 1800kg
    H3000 3000 130 100 2 x 1800kg
    H3700 3700 1300 100 3 x 1800kg

    * Other length, width, height, shapes and retaining force of each magnet are available to produce in line with customized requirements.

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