Portable Handling Magnetic Lifter for Metal Sheets

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It's easy to place and retrieve the magnetic lifter from ferrous substance with an ON/OFF pushing handle. No extra electricity or other power needed to drive this magnetic tool.

  • Item No.: MK-HLC30 Portable Magnetic Lifter
  • Material: Plastic Casing, Permanent Magnet
  • Related Lifting Capacity: 30KG Portable Magnetic Lifter
  • Max. Working Temp.: 80℃
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    Portable Handling Magnetic Lifter is designed  for metal sheets lifting or transshipping in the warehouse/workshop processing. It starts to work as long as you place it on the ferrous substances with adopting an open magnetic circle. When you need to release this magnetic tool, just turn the handle to the OFF side as instructed. The cam-shaped protrusion at the bottom of the handle will gradually descend as the handle rotates until a certain distance above the bottom surface.  After the cam-like protrusion of the handle is higher than the bottom surface, the product is less stressed according to the principle of leverage. The holding surface is separated from target, and the portable permanent magnetic lifter can be released from the substance.


    Item No. L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) L1(mm) Working Temp.(℃) Rated Lifting Capacity(KG)
    MK-HLP30 158 147 25 174 80 30




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